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After many years of participating, running and supporting Events and Tournaments, we see the need to offer a new organization that will provide the best opportunity for players and teams of all levels a great experience!  We will use our past years of experience and knowledge to make these new events a much more pleasant, organized and convenient place for coaches, players and parents to participate in a pleasant and respectful atmosphere to compete in the game we all love!


A new avenue to provide opportunities for players and teams of all levels:

* Well Organized!
* Great Facilities!
* Customer Appreciation!
* Patched Refs!
* Great Value and Respect for your Time and Money!
* Easy Scheduling and Results!

We will offer the complete package of:

* Individual Showcases/Combines
* Team Showcases
* 1 day Shootouts
* Weekend Tournaments
* Certified NCAA Exposure Events
* High School Leagues
* Travel/Feeder Leagues and Tournaments

For the Integrity of the game we believe it is of the utmost importance to treat all teams and participants no matter their level of play with great respect and customer service!